Woodward 2022

Plenty of good times at Woodward Camp PA this Summer! Erik Elstran, Jake Seeley, and Julian Arteaga stacked these clips along the way.

Guest clip / video by Zach Krejmas

Music: Katz – “Mutt” (Blink 182 Cover)

Sunday & Odyssey at Woodward

Jake Seeley, Alec Siemon, and Gary Young headed to Woodward with Odyssey riders Tom Dugan, Broc Raiford, and Justin Spriet for a week of ripping ramps and plazas and chillin’ with rad campers and staff. The boys took full advantage of the world-class facilities camp has to offer and came back with five minutes of killer footage…. Huge thanks to Woodward for taking such good care of us and to everybody we chilled with out there! We gotta make it back for sure…

Team Ross VS. Team Childs

THIS is what a game of BIKE is all about – weird tricks that don’t even have names and trying new things all in the name of fun. Watch Aaron Ross and Chris Childs go head to head as team captains in this game of BIKE from Woodward.

The Cory Foust Challenge

Want to win a pair of Sunday Octave Forks with 41 Thermal heat-treating? Then simply film yourself doing all 3 tricks that Cory Foust does in this video. Just do a bike spin, barspin bike spin and a double bike spin. Once you’ve filmed yourself doing them, post the video to Instagram with the hashtag #coryfoustchallenge. You have until Monday September 16th to get your entry in. Winner will be chosen at random.
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This is how you do it

It’s gotta be a great feeling getting this close to the rafters on a casual air.  Cory Foust really knows how to boost a ramp.  If you’ve ever watched him ride Lot 8 at Woodward East then you know it’s a treat.  Cory is working there this summer, so if you’re going then be sure to watch him ride.

Flashback Friday!

For this edition we are going back beyond the start of Sunday, back to when Jake Seeley was a super young shredder.  I first met him at Woodward during the summer of 2003 and from that first meeting you could tell he was a natural on a bike.  Luckily, the next year he happened to be at Woodward the same week I was there.  From then on, I’d see him at various contests, in magazines, at race tracks in southern Vermont and in videos like this one called Cut Your Loses made by Jason Morris.  Check out the website, The Least Most, Jason posts a lot on this site.  It’s funny because you probably see Jake as a complete street shredder, but his bag is bigger than you think and this video proves it.  Over the years, I patiently waited for an opportunity to ask Jake to be a part of Sunday.  The time came and now you are seeing his Flashback Friday!

Tom vs Goliath!

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Tom Arkus is back in Pittsburgh after a brief trip to Austin.  He’s enjoying the spring weather, digging trails and making brief trips over to Woodward to ride vert.  Here is what he had to say:
Yesterday, a couple of the Pittsburgh mates got together for a funny little adventure to Woodward. Camp is only 2.5 hours away from us, which enables us to take random trips here and there. The last couple of times I have went, I had some motivation to dabble with the epic vert ramp in Could 9. I wish I had a full face when riding that vert ramp. Always a good time when at camp.

Pics By: Mark Mulville

BIKE w/Aaron Ross

Aaron Ross was at Woodward recently and a game of BIKE went down. Watch this video to see some coping and crossbar grabs!