New Colors and Trip update!

Hey here are some photos of the Triumph and Tudor bars in colors. These are the only photos I have at the moment, but Color bars, Morning forks and Night forks are all coming in these colors which are incidently the same colors as the frame. These should be available in about 2 weeks, so be on the look out.

Sunday going south update, well we all survived the trip, I think I got some wind burn because it was still cold in Georgia. It was our first team trip and it was good to see everyone get along with each other. For me it was weird because you pick a bunch of guys for a team and you hope they get along, well I can say they did. It was also interesting seeing the different ways each guy views what we come across. From Ian’s roll back lines, Karl’s tech, Vinnie’s new age rail moves to Hoder and Eli killing everything, I can honestly say that I am really psyched for the video to come out. Hopefully see it by the fall!