News Update!

It has been a little while since there has been an update. Frames are available and are doing in well! Have your shop call Blackout soon because they won’t be available much longer! If you have photos of your Sunday frame built up, please send them to me!

The team has been really busy as of late, Karl Poynter just got back from Props Roadfools where he subbed in and he ended up getting invited on the next one.
Mike Hoder is on his way to California with Bruce Crisman on a Facade Clothing trip.
Ian Schwartz is still fighting his broken wrist maybe I will get a photo of him in his cast for the next update.
Eli Platt has been busy himself, anyone see his tailwhip down the big 5 in Atlanta in the lastest Ride BMX? You can also see the rest of his interview that wasn’t in the Ride issue here!
Vinnie Sammon was in Richmond last time I talked to him, he was on his way to Dave Mirra’s house with Glen Milligan. I wonder what he learned in the foam pit? Also, look for Vinnie’s interview coming up in Dig or Ride UK, I can’t remember which one!
Jim Cielencki, I have been trying to get ride of my burnout by playing mini golf, batting cages and go carts, but it isn’t working!

Anyone see the new Shook trailer? Well you should!