Estonia for the 2nd time! Part 2

This is one of my favorite photos of the trip, it captures 3 styles of architecture in Tallinn, Estonia. In the foreground with all the poles, this represents the Communist past, on the left are the modern style buildings and then on the right is a medievel time period church. Not sure if all my ideas are correct, but that is what I get from being there.

This course was very fun to me and it was different than the usually courses of the present day. Nate Wessel designed it and I was more than happy with it. Now if they could just get Chenga 3 done!

Old Town Tallinn and it’s town center/square.

This guy was wasted and passed out at the pizza place I was eating at. Keep in mind it was before 1pm on Sunday. Some guys in boots came and took him away later on.

This sculpture stode out in my head. It is to commerate a ferry disaster that occurred, I believe in the 90’s. Not sure of how it all works, but nevertheless I thought it was really compelling, so I am showing you guys.

Josh Harrington is too good! Here he is winning the high air contest and he then went on to win the rest of the contest. Unfortunately, he broke his jaw during finals. Get well Josh!!!!!

Scooters in the Stockholm airport! Too funny! It actually had flat spots on the wheels.

Okay this one is really fucking cool. This is the southern part of Greenland. I woke just in time to peak out the window and see this.

This one is even cooler because this is the western coast of Greenland. I have never really thought I would see Greenland, so I am pretty excited about this. I needed to be excited because after all was over I spent 27 hours traveling back home.