Some team news today!

Let’s start this off by showing you a picture of Karl Poynter’s new Jaguar green frame. This color will be available in the next month and is inspired by Joe Cox and Mike Taylor being from the UK. Karl also wrote a story for the come up about an Atlanta trip he went on recently. Karl went on the QBP trip which is in the latest Props, so look for that!

Speaking of Mike Taylor, he is about to go under the knife this Wednesday. Mike has had some bad luck when it comes to knees and he hurt it back in September on the Padded Cell roadtrip. He is finally able to get it taken care of this week, but he will be out of commission for the next 5 months! He had to film most of his tricks for the Sunday video over the past 2 months!

Vinnie Sammon texted me the other day about having to take on EE of the Supra Team! EE got all east LA vato when Vinnie talked to him about Terry Kennedy. EE thought he was tough and ended up getting roughed up by Vinnie and friends. Too funny! In other news, brakeless Vinnie frames will be available in about a week, so look for them!