First off, Mike Taylor had his knee surgery the other day, I haven’t heard from him, but let’s hope it was successful. Have you read his interview in Dig Issue 58? It really captures his sense of humor as well as his damn good riding! Mike won’t be riding for awhile, but here are a few more photos of him in the meantime, here, here and here!

In South African news, Stephen Savage flew over to the US last week. After doing the tourist thing in NYC, he is now down in NC hanging out with Chad Shack from Shook. They are both coming up to Buffalo after the 4th of July, so we can go up to Toronto to ride! Check out this interview with Stephen.

In German news, Christian Ziegler has gotten back from his horrible injury. Check out woozybmx for an interview with him. Learn about injuries, working, new skateparks and being a father.