Limited UK Sunday Frame Set!

What you are seeing is the UK inspired Sunday frameset, the same one in Karl Poynter’s bike check awhile back. The frameset will be available at all the distributors starting this week. What you aren’t seeing are the Triumph bars that complete the frameset, they went out so quick that I couldn’t even get a photo! For this set we went only went with Triumph bars and Morning 2 forks, Night 2 Forks and the other bars will not be available in this color. We are offering this frame in 20.75″ top tube also!

Good news! Sunday’s Tuff Luv entry actually survived the heat and made it out to California. Pictured on the left, the mag doesn’t look that bad, I totally expected it to have missing melted sections. I’ve always seem to get myself in situations that are so close to not working. And this was definitely one of them for sure. Good to know it made it intact and for the rest of the story go check out Defgrip.