Long layover in NYC!

Well I was on my way to the Rebel Jam when my plane to Berlin decided to leave without me. Stuck in NYC, I called my old roommate, Dave for a place to stay. This was on Wednesday and I changed my flight to Berlin for Sunday. I’ve forgotten how New York can be so much fun from riding the subways, walking 40 blocks and seeing some of the craziest people ever.

First, all my friends from Buffalo are coming to town for the Back to the Banks Jam on Saturday, so it is like a reunion especially with all the ex patriots from Buffalo already here. I met them at the airport when I went back to pick up my bags. Check out who was waiting for their bags. One even left something behind!

To make a long story short, in one day I saw a skate video premiere, listened to the Beastie Boys play an outdoor live show in Green Point, meet Dustin Dollin, went to the Double Down NYC and saw so many good spots that I am definitely coming back. Hopefully the rain will stop today so I can meet up with Vinnie Sammon and do some riding!