Bits and Pieces!

Okay so it’s been a week or so since my last update, I’ve been busy with Interbike, the shop, filming and actually just riding without cameras nearby. Some team news first, Joe Cox spent four hours in the hospital due to a broken hand. He was doing a rail hop from a grind and it didn’t go quite as planned. He’ll be healed up in 2 weeks and off to Barcelona to film for the Sunday video a week later. Heal up quick Joe!

I’ve got a bunch of history photos that Jeff Z took on BMXonline. Scroll down and look for the From the Archives-Kink photos dated September 6th! The photo on the left is from 2001 of me fufanuing an 8ft dirty snow bank. Check out the article and see photos of Rob Tibbs, Chris Arriaga and Ryan Sher!

Check out Eric L‘s complete Sunday kit! If you’ve seen Left Right then you’ve seen Eric ride. Last montage section, he does a crankslides down a cement ledge, long pegless 5050 grinds and oh the crankslide on the rail with the terrible run up at UCI. Bike looks good, huh?

You can almost check out Steven Kennedy’s Sunday, but he is trying to eat it in this photo. Steven’s from San Diego and part of the Give D crew. They recently did a web video for Defgrip so check that out here!