Frame features check out!

Okay, let’s get started. This photo shows the two colors that we are offering for next year. Blue with gray stickers and Gray with blue stickers. Real simple and really clean.

We changed the wishbone this year from the traditional style to one that resembles the Odyssey Director fork. This type of wishbone allows us to slim the profile while making this area even stronger.

Next, the chain and seat stays have been tapered from 22mm at the wishbone down to 17mm at the dropouts. The wall thickness will remain constant throughout, so denting will be as limited as possible.

These two photos show the opposite sides of our new slim down dropout shape. The current features of the dropout are its width at 8mm and the fact that it is hollow. This provides a dropout with the same weight as traditional width dropouts, but the strength has been increased by double. For next year we’ve

added a chain tensioner which is accessed between the stays. Look close at the photos and you can see a hole for the allen screw. It comes out just above center of the axle slot where it will then push on your axle.

The frames weight changed by almost 3/4lb for next year. As you can see the frame weight is 4.71 lbs for the gray painted frame. All the features listed above make a huge difference in the frame’s weight. The non-painted frame shown at Interbike weighed even less and I will do an individual post about it later. Now I’m off to the Dirty South to ride!