Ian Schwartz frame!

Here you go, Ian Schwartz’s Sunday frame which is going to be available sometime this coming early next year. Ian’s frame is exactly the same as the upcoming Second Wave frame, but Ian wanted to have a Pivotal Post welded on. Prior to this frame he took off his seat post clamp and JB Welded a post in. Then he shaved down the seat tube to make it look smooth.

Each graphic is a die cut sticker with a hand drawn sharpie look done by Ian himself. The downtube has different graphics on each side while the headtube has a pair of bars as a lure for the fish on the downtube. The graphics are very unique and were a hit at Interbike this year.

Let me just answer all the questions I’ll be asked in the comments. The rear end is not any shorter than any previous Sunday frame. The headtube angle is 74.5 not 75. It will be offered in White and Black Magic. Even though I already said it above, the frame is exactly the same as the Second Wave frame just with a Pivotal Post welded on. The height of the post is about an inch from the top tube. We will not be able to do custom frames. The sizes available are 20.5, 20.75 and 21 with mountless options being available first thing. There will be white Triumphs and Morning 2.1 forks available for the Ian kit. Oh and shaved headtubes are NOT going to be available on these, we are still testing them. Okay if I didn’t answer your question just write it in the comments and I’ll answer it.