Sunday! at Interbike! Part 2

Interbike was a success again this year, check me and Rob-o hanging out. I couldn’t be happier with how everything worked out. Minus the new Vinnie Bars that got stolen. Sort of funny I thought, so if you stole them write me anonymously about how you like them. Look for the new stuff available early next year and I’ll be posting frame stuff over the next few days.

Karl Poynter made it out to Interbike this year. He’s been a traveling man all year from the QBP trip earlier this year in Texas to countless trips down south. Did you know that on a recent trip to Philly, Karl spent 6 hours trying a trick? Talk about patience! Karl and his brother Kyle do a shop in New Castle, IN called Hardcore Sportz. They recently moved and set up a new website, so check that out here. I think you’ll like it.

Ian Schwartz is shown here doing an inadvertent bottom bracket installation seminar. He also was showing how to properly deconstruct a seat. Ian’s frame with welded on Pivotal Post was a huge hit at the show. It should be available sometime around Christmas or just afterwards. Moments after this photo was taken, Ian gave away his old prototype frame to a kid from Nevada. I’ll hopefully have a photo for you, but I wanted to tell you that he made the kids day. He went from a Specialized to a very limited Sunday frame. Not bad!

Kurt Rasmusson hanging out with his good friend Dakota Roche in this photo. Kurt was only able to make it out for one day of the show. He works pretty much full time making cabinets which makes his Left Right video part even more amazing. Look for more from Kurt and maybe a cabinet how to video sometime soon. Check out a funny photo of Kurt riding in Fullerton here.