Bits of News for you!

We’ve been really busy as of late, hence why the lack of updates. White Morning 2 forks and Triumph bars are now available or will be available later this week along with a few white Wave frames too. Check out Beloe’s Brian Osborne’s white Wave frame all built up on the right.

What we’ve been up to is making money! No not really, but Karl Poynter did win this pile of $1 dollar bills, 500 to be exact, at the Red Bull contest in Asbury Park, NJ this weekend. Karl along with Team Knuckle Sandwich took third while myself in Team Electronical got fourth.

Lee Dennis got to build up a 21 inch Second Wave Sunday frame along with Morning 2.1 forks and Triumph bars. Looks really good to me. Lee recently went down south and rode over a giant baseball.

Eric Lichtenberger who is on the latest cover of Ride US, just had an Up and Coming article on BMXonline, so go check that out right here. Everyone that talks to me about Eric tells the same story, how casual and nonchalant he does the scariest things like the UCI rail ride.