History lesson!

Currently, I’m on an east coast rain trip. The weather’s been horrible, but I’ve been able to reflect on some things. Yesterday, we rode Avalon in Maryland and I quickly found out that these ramps are from Section 8 in Youngstown, OH. That park goes way back for me, so it was really cool to see this stuff again.

Next, this is a VDC frame that was in the upstairs of Avalon. I couldn’t help, but notice how the old S&M Keith Treanor Menstrual Cycles frame was influenced by this bike. Along with the Kink Empire that I rode for way too many years. Both are shown from left to right. The S&M photo came from

Then this photo is also from the VDC frame, doesn’t this seat tube junction like very modern? I was blown away because I hadn’t seen one of these frames in person, so to also see a ‘modern’ style junction like this was a bonus. More random info coming later.