The Rumors are true!

The first time I heard about Aaron Ross was from an Empire BMX ad with him doing a barspin bunnyhop over a tennis court net. This blew me away because I remembered doing lines using the tennis nets down the street from my house. I knew how tall they were. Could this guy actually be barspinning a tennis court net? I had to see more.

At the time, Aaron was in the middle of filming for his first Empire video. When his part came out it confirmed how good he was on a bike to me. Not too long after that, I got to meet him at the Vancouver Metro Jam. I remember him doing tricks that were leaning in the direction that I thought riding would eventually be headed. In addition to that, one of the most interesting things that I noticed was how nice he was as a person. That really stuck out in my head. Was it possible to be a totally amazing bike rider while actually being an incredibly humble and nice guy at the same time? Here was the proof.

I’ve been fortunate enough to go on a few trips with Aaron. I’ve watched him do tailwhip bunnyhops in front of Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin, double whips off a ledge, and pretty much anything else he sets his mind to. Through all the time that’s passed, one thing has stayed the same; Aaron is still the super nice guy that I met back at that Vancouver Metro Jam. He can tear it up on a bike, but the kind of person he is has always been important in my mind too. When Aaron and FBM mutually decided to part ways, there was a long list of companies trying to add him to their teams. It would be an understatement to say that I was interested in having him join us at Sunday also.

So, here we are, and after all the offers and deliberation, Aaron has finally made his decision. Without further ado, I want to finally confirm the rumors and welcome Aaron to the Sunday family! We’re honored to have him here…just when you thought Sunday colors couldn’t get any brighter!


PS: If you’re wondering, we’ve already started to work on Aaron’s signature frame. Check back soon for more news.