Jellybean Update!

Last year, we ran a contest where you had to guess the number of frames in a photo provided. Kelvin from Spring, Texas guessed the correct number which was 800 and he received a brand new latte Wave frame. Its been over a year now and it is still perfect. He wrote me the other day and let me know what’s going on with him…….

Hey Jim,
This is Kelvin (the guy that won the contest you held last year for a free frame). I just wanted to write in and give you a bit of an update on things. The frame is still as solid as ever, and I have been enjoying it greatly since its arrival. I recently purchased a few new parts with my financial aid money ($500 worth to be exact), and have been riding as much as possible. Since I am attending college full time this semester, school takes up a fair amount of my time, but hopefully things will settle, and I will be able to ride more in the coming months. I hope things are going well for you and your company. Again, the frame and your generosity are greatly appreciated.
Warm regards,

I’ve attached a few pictures my brother snapped yesterday.