Mike Taylor knee update!

Mike Taylor is recovering nicely from knee surgery, so nicely in fact that he is testing it by putting it down through this turn. Yeah, Mike went out and bought one of these motorcylces. He’s been witnessed on youtube terrorizing the UK country roads via helmet cam. Look for Mike to be back terrorizing the BMX scene this summer!

Sunday loves to please you guys just as long as you ask real nice. So you’re probably wondering why this update has a number 20 written in Aquafresh toothpaste? Well, its not because a polyhedron with twenty faces is called an icosahedron.. It’s because after some hasty internet discussion about us not doing 20 inch Second Waves. Well we’ve decided to do the new frames in 20 inch. So light up the message boards and get your prebooks ready because the 20 inch size has been brought back to life!