Vinnie bike check!

Vinnie Sammon sent me over some pictures of his bike set up for his bike check. He is currently riding a prototype Second Wave frame in Vinnie black with his sticker kit. He’s also got a pair of Vinnie bars and his Animal Vinnie sprocket. He’s been hanging out in Jersey waiting for spring just like the rest of us. Only 2 more days!

In the second photo, you can see a good close up of his Vinnie sticker along with…guess what? I know this is going to light up the comment section, but if you guess shaved headtube then you are right. Well the shaved headtube has been absolutely fine since the beginning of October. Let me tally the days….1, 2, 3, 4…….170 days! Wow, its still going! I bet most headsets don’t even last that long these days. Rustproof headsets might be needed.

Frame - Sunday Second Wave prototype 21tt
Fork- Sunday Morning 2.1
Bars - SundayVinnie Barbarinos
Grips- Animal Edwin Grips
Stem- Animal prototype with Shadow bolts
Front wheel- Odyssey hazard lite
Hub- WTP supreme 36h
Tire-Animal Kevlar GLH Proto 2.25
Rear wheel- Odyssey hazard lite
Hub- WTP 36h 10t lsd
Tire- Animal Kevlar GLH Proto 2.1
Cranks- Odyssey wombolts lsd
Pedals- Animal HamiltonChain- destroyed half upside down bogus conspiracy v2
Seat- Animal seat/wedge mod prototype