Flow rider Steven Kennedy built up one of the first Ian frames. Here it is shown in white with brick side out. Steven sent this other photo of him that I really liked so look here for it!

Aaron Ross
and Kurt Rasmusson are currently sweating profusely in Arizona on Roadfools 16. Look for a bunch of updates by Jeff Z on BMXonline.

Aaron’s roommate and photographer Devon Hutchins also built up a new Ian frame. This one is also shown brick side out, but is in Black Magic. Devon’s also a great photographer so go check out his site at

Karl Poynter went to JOMO Pro last weekend and now he’s in New Mexico filming for the Shadow video.

Ian Schwartz is filming for Lotek in San Francisco at the present time. He made it out there from Ohio by taking a good old fashion train. He said he went through some river valley in the Rockies that is only accessible by train. It followed the river for about 65 miles. That sounds like an awesome trip and he said it only cost $186 each way. Wild. Speaking of Ian frames, the time has come, they will ship to distributors early next week.

Your’s truly got ankle surgery on Monday, so I’m been dealing with that all week. Is it possible to actually like crutches? Any idea how I can rig a cup holder to my crutch to carry around my drinks? I should have a walking cast on by the middle of next week, so that will help. Three weeks after that. Is anyone going to see Lucero in Buffalo tonight?