More Mexico photos!

Aaron Ross had to fight some serious traffic that would make any normal human being insane. He didn’t quite get what he wanted, but it was awesome none the less.

Jake Seeley messing around after dinner. Think he got a cramp right after this. Jake also messed around with this rail, he isn’t going up the rail just so you know.

Ian Schwartz was asked to sign an “autograph” which ended up being the fish graphics from his signature frame that came out a month ago. It was suppose to turn into a tattoo, but I think the fish wore off from the heat. Next is a self portrait shot during the street jam we went to. We rode a bunch, ate slushie’s and played some seriously fun games of foot down. Sunday foot down tour? Any one?

Guadalajara Cathedral night time shot. Aaron and a few of his friends from Mexico decided to pose for a picture.