Aaron Ross Bike Checks?



Aaron Ross just built up his prototype signature frame called the Funday and here are two photos of it. His colorway this time isn’t just one bright neon color, but he decided he’d mix the yellow and red together. I like the two different color rims myself, but its too bad his front brake isn’t neon red too. What? Front brake?

Well, wait there’s two different set ups going on here. What’s going on here? Aaron with front brakes? But the lower photo doesn’t have front brakes. Which way is he riding? He’s not riding front brakes in the photos below. What’s he got up his sleeve. I only heard about it, so you’ll have to wait and see.

In other Aaron news, he’s heading to the ESPY Awards next week in Los Angeles to hang out with Tiger Woods. Hoping he gets to meet up with Jerome Iginila and Alexander Ovechkin, but I don’t know if that will happen. Then he’s back in Austin for a week and again back out to Los Angeles to ride in X Games 14. Sounds like a hectic, but fun schedule! Wish him luck and enjoy the two photos below.