Jim C on BMXonline!

Bank tailwhip

BMXonline has a little interview with me about making video sections. The photo was shot by Jeff Z about a year and a half ago. I had been really interested in doing whips, barspins and 360 fakies on the steepest banks possible. I had already did a barspin on it awhile back, but I wanted to whip it. This whip in LA ended up being the steepest I’ve done.

A behind the scenes story from this night include the sprinklers turning on right as we finished setting up. It was disappointing because I had worked myself up to see if it was possible and now with the water in the way it was going to be very difficult to do. Mike Hoder ended up using his hoodie to clean up the water and try and make a dam, but it only worked for so long. You can the watermarks on the lower part of the bank and Mike’s hoodie in the background to the right. This is one of my favorite spots in LA even though the banks are really slippery.