Chris Hilbrich

Chris Hilbrich

Aaron Ross is a big fan of Chris, enough so that he wanted Sunday to start hooking him up. So here is a little interview, a bike check and a whole bunch of photos.

Name: Lil’ Chris
Age: 15
Where from? Austin TX
Your first memory of riding? At a BMX track
How’d you get into riding? When I started racing
Favorite thing to ride or do you have a favorite? Trails, park, and street. I pretty muck like all of them
What inspires you in riding? Friends and myself
Favorite riders? Brian Foster
Favorite tricks? 360 turndowns
Favorite video? Building the Underground
Favorite place you’ve ridden? Catty Woods in PA
Anywhere in particular you want to ride? The black pearl skate park in the Caribbean

Frame Sunday Wave 2
Fork Sunday Morning 2.1
Bars Sunday Triumph
Cranks Odyssey Wombolt
Pedals Odyssey Twisted PC
Hubs Chris King
Rims Odyssey 7ka
Tires Odyssey Aitken
Seat Odyssey Aitken