Sunday Model-C

The Model-C

So, Interbike has come and go for another year. Thankfully it will be another year before we do it all again and unfortunately its only a year before we have to do it again. Either way I wanted to take this week and talk about some of the products we showed at our booth.

New this year is Sunday’s version of a cruiser called the Model-C, but luckily it doesn’t come anywhere close to riding like a traditional racing cruiser rather if feels more like a larger version of a normal 20″ BMX bike. Along with this frame, we made 24umph bars (7.25″ rise) and Morning 24.1 forks which are just Morning 2.1 forks built into cruiser forks.

The Model-C

To be honest it was an experiment to see if we could make a cruiser more freestyle. So, immediately after Interbike, we put the frames together and discovered that our intuitions were correct. You could do basically every trick on it that you could do on a normal BMX bike. It was even possible to loop out with a rear end at 15.25″. Rolling fakie was way more stable due to the longer wheelbase and the headtube at 74.5 degrees. Jumping was made easier by the larger wheel size and the longer wheelbase. We took it to varied terrain including 7ft minis, cement parks, wooden skateparks and my local college campus. Did slides, whips, jumped hips, manualed, picked, grinded, fuf-ed, spun, spun more, hangovered, hang-5ed, nose wheelied, crankslide, doubles runs, but alas no flairs or flips yet. It’s been a lot of fun and it’s more fun seeing the smiles on people’s faces after they would take it for a test ride.

Top Tube 21 Rear End 15.25
HT 74.5 ST 71
BB Height 13.75″

Mid BB, post-weld machining of the BB and HT, angled brake mounts, traditional laser cut dropouts, Non-Waved downtube, Director fork styled wishbone, Black Magic rustproof coating and 41Thermal heat treating,

We are still in the testing stages, so these options and dimensions might change. The frames, forks and bars will be available sometime in the spring. There isn’t any release date set yet. Any input then leave it in the comments section!