Jake Seeley update!


This the view from Jiminy Peak near Jake Seeley‘s hometown.  On Tuesday, I went out there to go snowboarding with him.  Check out more pics and see what else he is up to after the jump!


Jake nose block and me standing! It wasn't that cold at all! No, really! Not cold!

So I got up at 4:30am to drive out to Jiminy Peak to meet up with Jake.  The drive took about 5 hours and there was only one wrong turn taken.  Luckily, my IPhone was there to save me and satellite radio was kicking to keep me awake and interested.  I picked him up at his house and we proceed over to Jiminy by 10:30 and rode for a few hours before I had to head back to Rochester for a meeting. It was really fun hanging out without bikes or anyone else from the team around.  Just doing something way different than we’d normally be doing.  Its always bike this and bike that, so it was refreshing to hang out in a different context.  I guess Jake was getting hooked up with Rome Snowboards before he messed up his knee 4 years back.  I could tell he was good right away just from his board control alone.  We had fun, nothing serious going down just cruising and riding the cliff bank formations.


Starting on the left, going bad to good!

The reason why I headed out to snowboard with Jake for such a short time is that he is moving to Austin Texas for 2 months to ride and escape the winter.  His plane was leaving on Wednesday morning at 6am, so I had very little opportunity remaining to go ride with him.  These are the photos he shot while making his way to Austin.  Cloudy and cold on the left and sunny with blue skies on the right!  You can probably guess where he’s at in each photo.  The pool spot is really close to where he is staying so look out for some footage and pics of him riding there.

On an even cooler note, I’ve been a fan of Jake’s for a long time and for 2009 I’ve decided to put him up on the main pro team.  So next time you see him congratulate him!  I’m stoked for 2009!