Sunday Spring Clothing!


Look below for our Spring 2009 Clothing Lineup.  Everything is available now….or within a week!


Foamy and Word Bubble Tie Dye!

Foamy is white shirt with orange Foam #1 Finger.  Word Bubble is brown tie dye with discharged Word Bubble logo for a thinner more flexible feel.


Icons Tshirt

Have you ever noticed all the little icons on the Sunday frame box?  Each one of those represents a feature that distinguishes the frame from all the others out there.  We took all those symbols and did this white on white Icons tshirt. You can also see the features listed on our site here.


Big Clean Crew Neck and Big Clean Thermal

We didn’t do the traditional hoodie this time around because we were looking from something a little more refreshing.  Big Clean Crew Neck in grey is inspired by Ian Schwartz and the Big Clean Thermal is brown with a goldish yellow logo.