Ian Schwartz Bike Check!


Ian Schwartz was recently in southern California trying to escape the rain up in San Francisco. We ended up riding Woodward West, the DVS/Lakai warehouse and some other random street spots. While there was a spare moment, he did this bike check with Jeff Z for the RideBMX site. In other Ian news, he has had enough of San Francisco and headed back to Ohio to catch the last breath of winter. Check below for a few words from him about his SF experience! Look for some Ian clips in the next few days!


So what’s up?  How’ve things been going?

Things have been good. Been in SF for the winter livin with Marco. The weather’s been amazing. 60’s and sun for the past month; even better than it is supposed to be this time of year. Probly goin home to Ohio here soon though. Not bein around friends and family is startin to get to me. Plus weather’ll be gettin good again.

How long does it take to go through a pair of shoes in SF?

If you put in 1 day of ridin hill bombs your shoes are done after that, no exaggeration. Its kinda crazy but so fun its worth it.

What’s your favorite part about living in SF?

Bein by the ocean is so nice. My room has a bay window that i can see it from, or I can walk 5 blocks and be there. Though I know this is cliche, it really is true that the ocean is quite humbling. It wastes no time reminding that the world doesn’t revolve around you.

Have you ridden the Pine St bump?

A million times. I ride downtown quite a bit by myself and I often end up there for sure. SF is a great place for the solo sessioning. Tons of bumps, tons of ledges.

What’s the best restaurant you’ve eaten?

To be honest, my money’s so tight out here that I can’t afford to eat out at all. So I haven’t really experienced the restaurants. Don’t feel like I’m missin out tho, can’t beat a good pancake, haha.

Has SF opened up any new trick ideas?

No not particularly. SF for me tends to be more about trying to do stuff you already know how to do on a new and/or unique setup; kind of a Scerbo mentality. He’s always been the master of that mentality in my book. I’ve always had heavy respect for Bob’s way of riding and in the last couple years I’ve kind of evolved from bein interested in technical tricks to trying to figure out things on a rough or difficult setup, and SF is the perfect place for that. The extreme elevation changes all over the city make for a lot of unique spots.

Any plans you’re excited for coming up this year?

I’m pretty excited cause my shoe with Fremont is comin out in a month or two, and we’re gonna start workin on a Lotek team video. Its been a long time since Rich has put out a video, and they’ve always been so great to watch. So, I’m psyched to try to be a part of another one. The team is so huge these days that I bet it’ll be crazy. No one can argue that Rich puts out great stuff, and has done a lot of genuinely great things for bmx. So I can’t wait to see what ideas come out in this one.