Plus 4 Parts available now!


Sunday Plus 4 Morning 24.1 forks and 24umph bars are now available at all of our distributors!  You can start piecing together your Model C right now.  Don’t worry the Model C is in transit to the US right now and should arrive in about 10 days!  So look for it in stores by the middle of April!  Check out below for complete part info!


Sunday 24umph Bars

All Sunday! Bars are multi-butted, 41-Thermal processed and
backed by a lifetime guarantee against bending or breaking.

  • Rise              7.25 inch
  • Width              28 inch
  • Back Sweep     12 degrees
  • Up Sweep          4 degrees
  • Colors             Olive and Silver
  • Weight             1 lb 12.4 oz (uncut)


The Morning 24.1 fork is light and strong like the Morning 2.1 model with an improved pre-load bolt design that allows for simplified brake cable and headset adjustments, compatible with 6 and 8mm hexes. The legs are butted from .049 to .035″ and have multi-directional tapered tubing with end notching for improved rail clearance. The dropouts have optimal peg mounting clearance and rounded edges to help during grinds.  A built in headset race is added to simplify putting the bike together.  No need to pound on a separate headset race just place the bearing on and go!

Colors    Olive and Silver

Weight 2 lb 3.7 oz (uncut with preload bolt)