Lasts with Jake Seeley


Last name_____________________________________Seeley
Last birth date_____________________________January 12th
Last night___________________________________Long drive
Last spring____________________________________Forgot
Last Winter_________________________________Austin, TX
Last shirt you bought____________________Winds of Plague
Last vehicle you bought___________________Honda Ruckus
Last person you called____________Bobby Parker at Blackout
Last person that called you______________Kareem Williams
Last thing you bought____________Food at the Hot dog ranch
Last book you read____________Way to long ago to remember
Last movie you watched_______________________Hang over
Last Song you shazammed? ?????
Last Music show you went to______Summer Slaughter Festival
Last BMX trip you went on_________________________Philly
Last Non-BMX trip you went on____Havent been on one in a while
Last thing you ate____________5 hot dogs and sweet potato fries
Last website you checked_________________THE COME UP
Last time you got sick_________________________right now
Last time you got a flat________________2 months ago in cali
Last time you did a backflip______________________never
Last time you ran out of gas_ 2 days ago coming back from woodward
Last flavor of ice cream you bought______________Blue goo
Last time you rode more than 5 miles___________yesterday
Last box jump trick you did____________One footed taboggan
Last rail trick you did___________________Hanger tooth 180
Last wall ride trick you did_________________Been too long
Last manual line you did____Feeble manual 180 backwards feeble
Last crash you had______________Manual down a rail to my face
Last bike part you broke?________________________spokes