Black Magic Model C and D!


Check out Ben Ward‘s Black Magic Model C built up with Black Magic 24umphs and Morning 24.1 forks.  Wow!  This looks so good!  And with this being a 24″ frame with Black Magic then it weigh over a 1/4 lb less than a painted version.  If you are looking for a Model C or our 20″ trail frame called the Model D in Black Magic then give Empire BMX a call.  Or if you are a shop looking for one then give Sunday a call!  Read more about Black Magic after the break.

model_D-frame_cutout_left_RBKBlack Magic is the name of our rustproof coating that we use on all of our parts.  On painted parts, it’s under the paint and if there’s no paint then its the matte black color that you see.  The idea of offering parts with just the Black Magic finish is not only for cosmetic reasons.  It is nice just having a black frame, but there can be a somewhat sizeable weight savings when you get a part using the Black Magic coating only.  Paint can vary in weight due type of paint used, thickness of coat and size of part being painted.  In parts like forks and bars, it’s a small savings, but on a frame it gets to be more noticeable.  On frames you can save up to nearly 1/4 lb depending on it’s size.  Instead of saving weight in frames by cutting holes in seat tubes or using straight gauge tubing, Black Magic saves weight by in a way that won’t affect the strength of a frame.  It’s a small gain, but all the little things add up.


Funday, Second Wave and Ian Schwartz in Black Magic as well as Model D (above).


Every fork we do including these Morning 2.1‘s have Black Magic in there somewhere.  On the grey, blue and white forks its visible on the steerer tube while the left fork is all Black Magic.


Sunday bars like these Forumph come in Black Magic as well as other colors.  You’ll find it on Triumph and 24umph bars as well..