Jim Cielencki Bike Check


Here is the Fluorange Funday I just built up to try out some new dimensions.  I’ve been riding the my 24″ Model C for 2 months now and it was time to change it up and ride a 20 for a little while.  I put together the Funday because of its 13.5 rear end length and the 11.5 inch bottom bracket height.  The idea is that the lower bb will keep the bike stable and not too loopy while still allowing it to tailwhip and spin better.  I grew up riding long rear end frames so having something this short is foreign to me.  Hopefully the lower bb will counter act the short rear end.  If not then its back to the Second Wave.  I’ll update you over the next few weeks.  Here’s my parts list below.

Frame Fluorange Funday 20.75″ with brake mounts
Fork Black Morning 2.1 forks with built in race
Bars Black Magic Sunday Forumphs with 4 degrees upsweep
Stem Odyssey Elementary Black
Front Hub GSport Marmoset
Front Rims GSport Rib Cage Blue 36
Front Tire Odyssey Aitken 2.1
Cranks Odyssey Twombolts 175mm
Sprocket Odyssey MDS 27
Pedals Odyssey JCPC
Chain KMC 510
Seat Odyssey Aitken
Seat Post Odyssey Intac
Seat Clamp Sunday Prototype
Rear Hub GSport Ratchet 36 9t
Rear Rim GSport Rib Cage Blue 36
Rear Tire Odyssey Aitken 2.1
Brakes Odyssey Evo II black
Lever Odyssey Mono Lever Trigger style
Cable Odyssey Linear black
Pegs GSport Plegs