Lasts-Alex Magallan


Alex Magallan‘s high speed and in control video part in Up, Up and Away stood out.  Here are a few things you might not know about him.

Last name_________________________Magallan
Last birth date_____________________13th of august, the year was 1987
Last night_________________________Choice
Last spring________________________Gorgeous
Last Winter________________________Limited
Last shirt you bought_________________Maroon vintage button down
Last vehicle you bought_______________Never
Last person you called________________Jade in Buffalo
Last person that called you_______________Jim C
Last thing you bought_________________Tough D- sandwich from the corner deli
Last book you read____________________James and the Giant Peach! lol
Last movie you watched_________________Transformers
Last Song you shazammed______________Not equipped with the Shazam joint
Last Music show you went to_____________My Opusihsus
Last BMX trip you went on______________North east banger
Last Non-BMX trip you went on__________Savannah GA
Last thing you ate____________________Chicken bacon sandwich
Last website you checked_______________Gmail
Last time you got sick_________________Couple months ago
Last time you got a flat________________2 days ago
Last time you did a backflip_____________In my dreams
Last time you ran out of gas_____________last week
Last flavor of ice cream you bought________Key lime
Last time you rode more than 5 miles_______In philly two days ago
Last box jump trick you did__________Kickout! i witness Jake do a couple wet flounders
Last rail trick you did_________________Double peg
Last wall ride trick you did_____________The Carve
Last manual line you did______________Manual to over tooth down a rail at a park
Last crash you had___________________Tire slide out on a pivot
Last bike part you broke_______________Mostly tubes
Any lasts  I missed___________________That wraps it up