Sunday officially welcomes….


Yep, you heard about it a little bit through Twitter, but now hear it straight from us!  Sunday now has a Dirt Brother on the team! Here are my thoughts:

This is an amazing day for us!  I’ve been a fan of Gary for so long!  Back in 1998 when I was living in California is when I first noticed him.  There was just something natural and eye catching about his riding.  Then a few years later, he blew up.  I’ve seen him do some of the craziest things just watch the last 5 tricks in Electronical.  From Backyard Jams to Metro Jams, when Gary is on course you are guaranteed to see some new wild lines.  Gary rides pretty much everything and anything from dirt to street and park to even mega ramp.  Then to top it all off, Gary is easily one of the nicest guys.  You could be the best rider in the world, but if you aren’t nice then who cares.  Gary doesn’t have to worry about this one bit.  Sunday is proud to welcome Gary to the team!

This is what Gary had to say about joining Sunday:

I have been a fan of the Sunday team, and products for a long time now.  Sunday was the first company I thought of when I was “single” and looking to ride a new bike. I got the chance to speak with Jim C. at interbike about joining the team and we both seemed to be on the same page with a lot of stuff. Jim gave me a prototype frame that day, and I can say that it is the nicest frame I have ever ridden. I am really stoked on joining the Sunday family and it already feels like home.

Look for a bike check tomorrow, a web edit in the future and some other things real soon!