Introducing Full Factory

Full Factory Distribution

One of the biggest adventures of my life began in the Spring of 2005. I started Sunday Bikes and we quickly became known for establishing new standards in frame design. Now, in 2010, my next big adventure is about to begin. I’m starting Full Factory, a new distribution company, that will become the sole distributor for Sunday Bikes in the USA. In addition to Sunday, Full Factory will also be the sole US distributor for Carlo Griggs’ UK-based brand, Proper Bikes.

I’m also pleased to announce that Full Factory will be providing support for the current US distributors of the Odyssey, G-Sport and Flatware brands by “filling in the blanks” and stocking the entire range. Doing Full Factory allows us to have a direct line of communication with the bike shops and a heightened degree of interaction with shop employees regarding customer service, product development and even finish specifications.

I truly appreciate all the support we’ve received during the last 5 years at Sunday, and I look forward to another amazing 5 years as we launch Full Factory. I’m excited to give Proper the US representation that it needs and deserves, and we’re ready to back the best BMX shops in America with all-things Odyssey related.

I look forward to working with all of you.

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