Wave Top Tube Xplained

Last year, we showed you the inside of a Wave down tube.  Now, with the soon to be released Third Wave (just over 3 weeks away), we are showing you the cross-section of the Wave down tube and our new Wave top tube.  These top and down tubes are custom drawn tubing shapes that are formed using the same manufacturing steps as a traditional, seamless, round bicycle tubes. The difference is that we’ve put the shape’s contour design to work for you. The tubes are drawn into shape with strategically formed Waves that run along the entire length of the tube. Now, if you’re not familiar with the functional purpose of the Waves, they’re designed to make the frame more resistant to the accidental denting damage that can occur when you’re riding.  While no bicycle tube is “dent proof”, these tubes have been engineered to withstand more abuse than a traditional round tube. After all, once a tube has been dented during riding, the strength of the frame’s front end has been compromised.  And it doesn’t matter whether the dent is on the top tube or down tube.  Included in the cross-section is the Cable Channel which can be found on the underside of the top tube.  The Cable Channel is used to partially hide the brake cable, and it also allows for the attachment point of the pressure fit cable guide.  For more info about how this cable guide works, follow this link. Choose wisely!

For even more info check out our recent “Enter the Wave” ad.