Flashback Friday!

For this edition we are going back beyond the start of Sunday, back to when Jake Seeley was a super young shredder.  I first met him at Woodward during the summer of 2003 and from that first meeting you could tell he was a natural on a bike.  Luckily, the next year he happened to be at Woodward the same week I was there.  From then on, I’d see him at various contests, in magazines, at race tracks in southern Vermont and in videos like this one called Cut Your Loses made by Jason Morris.  Check out the website, The Least Most, Jason posts a lot on this site.  It’s funny because you probably see Jake as a complete street shredder, but his bag is bigger than you think and this video proves it.  Over the years, I patiently waited for an opportunity to ask Jake to be a part of Sunday.  The time came and now you are seeing his Flashback Friday!