Jake Seeley Mini-view!

Jake Seeley has been all over the place lately. Learn about his new upcoming Forecaster color and see what else he has going on right now in this mini-interview after the break.

So Jake, what have you been up to?

Not much, kicking it Portland, scoping out the city and riding with a good bmx crew.  Riding trains everywhere I go… not the kind Eric Lichtenberger and Alex Magallan are used to, but people use the train to get everywhere out here.  I should have a new web edit dropping soon of footage I got during my stay out here.

You’ve been spending a lot of time out in Portland this summer, what brings you out there?
My girl got a job in Portland, so I moved out here to kick it with her for a bit and to see what the Portland BMX scene had to offer!

How has it been?  What’s the riding like?
It’s been fun, riding is good. I’ve searched far and wide for spots that fit my riding style, but haven’t really found anything I’ve loved. I think my expectations were too high maybe, but the crew I’ve met and been riding with out here have been some of the most fun dudes I’ve ever ridden with!

Who do you ride with?
Caleb Quanbeck, Snotty, Shitty, Nick Owens, Dylan Stark, Cody Larson and DFG.

Heard that you survive basically on Chipotle?  Any truth to that?  How much do you like it?
You caught me!  Haha!  There’s much truth to that!  There hasn’t been a time when I haven’t eaten Chipotle at least 3 to 4 times in one week while living in Portland.  I pretty much love it. I get the same thing every time- a burrito with no beans, rice, chicken, pico, corn salsa, sour cream, a pinch of cheese, lettuce and to top it off a vinigarette salad dressing on the side for a little extra deliciousness. I know what I like!

You recently ate sushi for the first time on our post Interbike road trip. How’d that work out?
Haha!  Alex Magallan pressured me into it.  I had very low expectation of how it was going to taste.  Going into it, I already knew I hated fish, so I didn’t see how stuff in it could overpower the taste.  After a few layers of ginger and dunking in teriyaki sauce, I was able to get through it.  I can say I’ll probably never eat it again.  At least now I can say I have tried it.

Do you get homesick?
For sure. I miss the BMX scene at home and my shop, The Garden, and all the homies. I’m excited to get back there next week and see everyone and hold shit down in the Pitts.

Speaking of home, tell me about your skatepark there?  What’s going on with it?
The Common has been our skatepark for years, and the birthplace of many local talents. It’s not the greatest park, it’s just been the spot where everyone goes to ride and chill. It’s ghetto for sure. Luckily, we’re getting a new skatepark in Pittsfield and The Common is being torn down the end of the month. We’re throwing a jam before the Common is destroyed and hoping to throw way better jams in the future once the new park is built!

Tell us about your new Forecaster color that is about to come out.  What color is it?
The new Forecaster is ketchup red.

How’d you come up with the color?
You can say I’m a big fan of ketchup, and I’ve always wanted a red bike, so I’m stoked!  Sunday made a whole kit in the red color-way so you can get frame, fork and bars.

Any winter plans as of yet?
I’m heading back east. Moving to Burlington, VT with my girl, but still spending time in Pittsfield MA working at The Garden. Try to get some snowboarding in and enjoy being home for a bit. I’m definitely planning a few trips to Cali and Texas. Travel and get as much riding in as I can!