Sneak Peek:

Introducing the new Sunday Conductor frame.  It’s look is simple and classic with geometry specifically suited for stability at higher speeds.  The stability comes from the longer top tube lengths combined with it’s 14″-14.75″ chainstay length.  It has a normal, not so twitchy headtube angle that remains responsive.  The chainstay brake mounts continue the classic look.  It’s drivetrain fits up to a 36 tooth sprocket and is specifically designed for larger gear ratios.  Sunday frames have always had a stiffer feel due to the Director style wishbone and the non-sandwiched seat tube junction which improves lateral stiffness. While the gusset and the minimal spacing between the toptube and downtube at the headtube improves vertical stiffness. Whether it’s a set of doubles at the trails or a bowl corner at a concrete skatepark, the Conductor is ready for it all.  Look for it to be available in early 2011!

21″ & 21.25″
HT: 74.5
ST: 71
CS: 14″-14.75″
BB Height: 11.8″
Color: Black Magic
Features: 41 Thermal Heat-Treating, chainstay brake mounts, 5mm dropouts, traditional tubing shapes and a drivetrain designed for larger gearing.