Erik Elstran Interview

The Erik Elstran Welcome to the Team video that we recently posted got such a good responce that we decided to do a mini interview about the video. Just click on more to see the interview.


Ok, your Welcome to the Team video killed it and got a lot of response. How long did you take to film the video?
Thanks! It was filmed rather sporadically since the middle of summer till early Decemberish.

Who filmed it?
A camera named Sampson filmed all of it. It was filmed primarily by Deljon Willis. A decent amount of clips were self filmed. My older brother filmed a few clips as did a few other riders.

Where was this filmed?  All in Minneapolis?
Yee it was all pretty much filmed in downtown Minneapolis except for one clip that was filmed at my parents house in Wisconsin.

What’s the name of the song and who is it by?  How’d you find the band?
Expected Way by Yellow Magic Orchestra. My older brother introduced them to me via hypemachine.

You do 5 variations of the whirlybird spin.  How long did it take you to get those done?
Too long. The whirlybird started to flap it’s wings about a year ago. I started messing around with them last winter when the snow limited street riding to parking garages. I learned a 180, 270 and 450 spinner last winter but I knew a 630 possible. Since that parking garage was the only whirly-able spot I had, I didn’t really do them much until later in the summer when I started filming for the edit. Trying to do the 630 whirlybird is what took too long. After many a failed attempt I ended up using a 450 whirly to footjamalamb and a 540 bird-beeper instead. The latter of which I thought was almost better, certainly funnier.

You must’ve slipped off a bunch trying the spin, how’d the Wave downtube work for you?
Oh yeah, learning whirlybirds is the unhealthiest thing you can possibly do for your downtube. I think any regular frame would’ve have died after that abuse.

What’s with the handlebar grinds?  Have you ever worn through a pair of bars
Handlebar grinds are fun and are really easy. I’ve of course worn through the paint but not to the point where I felt I needed new bars. Perhaps it could be done by multiple juliff handle bar grinds…

Is that your little brother on the tricycle?
Yeeeeep. That’s Owen.

Do you have any plans for another video? 
Oh yeah! I’m filming all sorts of things. A short little edit for my friends’ blog Rootbeerlife, an edit for Osiris, a part for the upcoming Team Dilly dvd, as well as non-riding school related projects. Weeeeee.