TJ Henderson:
Take It interview

TJ Henderson: Take It from Sunday Bikes

Here’s a mini interview with TJ Henderson about his Take It video that we posted on Friday.  I’m sure you guys had some questions due to the opening scene and TJ’s wild trick antics.  Look after the break for the interview.

Let’s start off with the basics, where was this filmed?  How long did it take?  Who filmed it?
This was filmed in Springfield (my hometown) and Champaign, IL.  We had been filming for a year.  Ryan Capranica, Jeremy Garrett and Chris Costello were the dudes that were behind the cameras!

You don’t seem like a guy to get too riled up, what did that guy do at the beginning to make you so mad?
Haha!  I still get tense when thinking about that day.  The guy was being obnoxious and talking a load of nonsense, eventually he started threatening us and when he said he was gonna f me up, I just lost it!  I was so fed up with the guy at the point I was ready to see if he could back up his talk.  Thankfully he didn’t because if you look closely in his right hand you can see a knife pulled whn I started charging at him. You can check out the whole thing at

What did your knee look like after the whip crash into the rocks?  
It wasn’t too bad actually, just a little scraped up.  The worst part were my feet afterwards.  I missed the pedals a couple times and stomped the rocks.  I was hobbling for a few days afterwards.

How are front tire slides working for you?
They aren’t!  Haha!  That has been the only setup I have been able to do them on.  I’m looking forward to the day I can Reuben one our on some coping though.

After the last clip, you can see like 8 extra tubes on the ground like you were getting a lot of flats from the trick.  Was this the case?  How many did you end up getting?
I got 9 flats total on that trick.  At one point, I flatted 6 times in a row and ran out of tubes.  So, that’s why you see all the boxes in the edit.  I came prepared that night.

How long have you been running a freecoaster? 
Ten glorious and backpedal free years!

What does it feel like to do a super high fakie fake air on a quarterpipe?
Crazy and out of control!  It’s totally a go fast and hold on type of move.

It looks so surreal when you carve it on the barspin.  Does carving help at all?
Honestly, that was accidental.  It does make it feel even crazier though.  Fakie pocket airs are a total possibility.

Any big plans coming up?
I have a freecoaster edit coming soon and I’m going to spend the year filming a part of the upcoming Sunday video project.

Anything else you want to add?
I just want to say thanks to Jim C at Sunday and Bobby Parker at Full Factory Distribution for keeping me and my bike fresh.  Chris, Ryan and Jeremy for always being down to help me film/edit stuff and all my friends that keep me motivated and laughing.  Cheers guys!