Atlanta Vacation Interview:
Garrett Reeves

Garrett Reeves did one of the wildest curved wallrides in BMX history during our Atlanta Vacation trip which ended up on the cover of Ride BMX issue 183.  Check out this interview we did with him about the curved wallride and getting his first cover after the break.  To see the video of this wallride then follow this LINK.

You recently got the cover of Ride BMX and the ender of the Atlanta Vacation video with the curved wallride photo shown above?  How does that feel?
I was pretty shocked and honored when Jeff Z showed me the cover. The video def got me pumped, good times for sure.

So, how fast do you think you had to go at that wall?
Pretty fast….As fast as I’ve gone to do almost anything.

Is this the biggest curved wallride you’ve ever done?
For sure I’ve never really ridden any curved wall that has compared in haha

Ever find another curved wallride with an overhang like this?
No, this curve wall ride is one of a kind..maybe my favorite spot ever.

You basically got to the highest point in 3 tries.  Did you think it would work that well?
I felt pretty confident that it was gonna work I’m not super dialed at many things but I feel pretty at home on a curved wall.

The expression on your face after you land is priceless, what was going through your mind at that moment?
I’m really not positive, it’s always nice to roll away I was stoked for sure.

Do you have any more ideas for it next time you go back?
Yup, I have a couple ideas…let’s go back in cooler weather tho.

What’s your dream curved wallride set up?
Curve wall up stairs to gap curve wall down stairs 

Do you have any tips for doing a curved wall ride?
Go fast lean hard.


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