Atlanta Vacation Interview:
Jake Seeley

Jake Seeley answers some questions about his time on the Atlanta Vacation video and riding the famous C-Rail in Athens.  Look for Jake’s Broadcaster complete bike to be available in early August.  Check out the interview and his bike after the break.


Jake Seeley Atlanta Vacation Interview

Favorite spot of the trip?
My favorite spot on the trip was the flat rail to manual pad that I actually didn’t have any clips on but it was my dream set up, especially for just putting the Forecaster back on my bike. I got caught up trying a trick for to long that I landed but wasn’t satisfied with in the end. I wish I could go back to get that trick and just session the set up for all its worth! There’s way to much stuff that could be done at that spot, its amazing!

You feebled the famous C Rail in Athens.  How long have you been wanting to ride that thing?  When did you first hear about it?
The Athens C rail is a great spot!  Ever since I saw the rail in Etnies grounded I’ve always wanted to know where it was so I could ride it. Coincidentally, during a conversation with Chris mentioned that we were near the C-rail, my eyes suddenly lit up and I new I had to ride it!

How was your knee on the trip?
Not so hot, I was suffering for three weeks before the trip with mono and because of that I spent a lot of time in bed not doing anything. I ended up loosing a lot of muscle that I built up in my knee during my healing process. Long story short I went on the trip not feeling 100% and was very limited to the days I could ride and couldn’t due to swelling and pain.

Who was the best cook in the house?
Thats a hard one, its a toss up between my two assistant cooks Gary Young and Keith Terra.

How much fun was it booby trapping the dish sprayer?
So good!  No trips complete with out some pranks or mischief!  I’m pretty sure everyone in the house got hosed down with water including myself.  Haha!

Ever been to a baseball game before?  What did you think of the Grand Slam?
Never been to a baseball game before, it was a great experience, but a little slow pace for my liking. I won’t lie though when the grand slam was hit I was out of my seat ragging with the rest of the Braves fans.  It was awesome!  ahhhhhh ahhhh uuuhhhh uhhh uhhh ohhhhhhhh

Who was the trip MVP?
Couldn’t name just one, the whole team killed it!

Have you ridden Atlanta or Athens before?
Nope, this was my first time adventuring the streets of Hotlanta and Athens, but I’m gonna make sure its not my last.  I recommend to anyone who loves riding rails as much i do to check out Athens! It’s unbelievable….

How much time did you spend in the pool at the house?
I didn’t spend much time in the pool at all, as strange as it sounds I’m not much of a swimmer.