Bonus Bike Puzzle #3!

This one is a bit trickier, but here is the last of the 2013 Sunday Bonus Bikes.  All this weekend we have been releasing a bike a day, but in puzzle form.  If you solve this Bonus Bike puzzle you will be entered into a drawing to win a Pachyderm Backpack full of goodies worth over $200. Winner will be announced the next day!  Just follow the directions below…

Bonus Bike Puzzle Directions

  1. Download the image or print out a hardcopy.
  2. Solve the puzzle by cutting/pasting the pieces or use Photoshop to make a digital copy. (Accept digital or hardcopy images)
  3. Take a photo and post it on your Instagram.
  4. Tag @sundaybikes and hashtag #sundaybonusbikes (This must happen to be seen)
  5. Cross your fingers!

2013 Bonus Bikes 1 and 2
Jake Seeley Emergency Broadcaster  |  Garrett Reeves Acid Drop EX