Here today gone tomorrow

What would you do if you found an amazing spot and you knew it would only be around for one day? Take for example the above photo of Seth Peterson over-icepicking this lifted sidewalk block.  Read more after the break….

A massive storm came through, knocking down trees causing this sidewalk to be raised into a very fun obstacle.  I guess it’s only fun for bike riders, but everyone else would think it’s a nuisance.  It’s just a matter of days before the city comes through to remove the stump, placing the sidewalk back into it’s normal boring position.  So, what would you do if you had this for one or two days to ride?  Do you dwell on the fact that you will never be able to ride this again?  Does it’s future demise tarnish your session enough to where it’s not fun?  Or do you live in the moment shredding it for all it’s worth?

Looks like Seth was lucky enough to find 2 lifted sidewalk blocks to shred.

All photos by Ben Austin.