Jake Seeley

LEDGEISLATION – Nothing but ledges with Jake Seeley from the East Coast to the West, and a number of places in between. This one goes out to all the ledge lovers out there! Enjoy.

Video by Zach Krejmas.

Jake Seeley Rides the Street Sweeper

The Street Sweeper is designed with serious street riders in mind.

Built around Jake Seeley’s all-new chromoly aftermarket signature frame, it uses a 75.25° head tube angle, a very short chainstay and a higher bottom bracket to match perfectly with Jake’s technical riding style. With its 4-piece bars, 160mm cranks, sealed Odyssey Clutch freecoaster and Sunday Street Sweeper tires, this is truly a pro-level bike.

Street Sweeper frame available built up as a complete bike or frame only. Check out the rest of Jake Seeley’s signature parts below.