Odyssey Monolever & Aaron Ross grips
Sunday Freeze stem
Odyssey Vandero 2 hub
Odyssey Thunderbolt cranks
Odyssey Aaron Ross Principal saddle
Sunday clamp & Odyssey Convertible post
Odyssey V3 Cassette hub
Odyssey Evo 2 brakes, Ross tires & Sunday Sabretooth sprocket
Odyssey Quadrant rims

Grape Soda, 04.2012 Previous Model • View Current Bikes »

Introducing the Aaron Ross Grape Soda Bonus Bike .  Not only does it come in this amazing Aaron Ross styled colorway, but it’s PRO parts package cannot be matched in this price level.  Carrying on with the same theme as Aaron’s Orange Soda bike, the Grape Soda is even more special because there are so few of these available. Sunday Bonus Bikes continue to offer the most unique bikes in BMX. Get yours starting March 31st.