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Istanbul Not Constantinople

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Check out these riding moments from Aaron Ross, Alex Magallan and Lee Dennis’ trip to Turkey.  Walter Pieringer did all the snapping and was able to capture some epic riding moments from the trip. Alex’s wallride photo is pure BMX and reminiscent of the Metro Jam/Backyard Jam era.  To watch the video just click HERE.

Sunday in Istanbul Pictorial

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Flip though this pictorial to see what 2 Americans and a Canadian encountered on their visit to a 2,673 year old city which straddles the European and Asian continental boundary and just so happens to be the 2nd most populated city in the world.  Aaron Ross, Alex Magallan and Lee Dennis traveled to Istanbul, Turkey to ride and film, but ended up being overwhelmed by the massive city.  They ended up doing a demo in a fancy mall, got attacked by children and started riding for a random company called Magic Bikes.  Look for the Sunday in Turkey trip video to drop tomorrow July 23rd at noon EST.  Photos Walter Pieringer.

Alex’s Ride

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For Alex Magallan’s bike check, we decided to have him answer some questions about his current Forecaster bike build.  It’s a good insight into Alex’s smooth and high speed style of riding.  Check after the break to read his answers and see his full parts list.

What’s the one thing you couldn’t change about your set up? 

I would have to say the short rear end length. I like the easy to pick up feel it gives ya. Best way to manual and spin to your advantage.

Is there some feature of your bike that you like the most?

Honestly, the upsweep on the bars are one of the most noticeable features.  The upsweeps not for everybody. I enjoy it cause your not all crunched into your bike and front end.  It’s seems to be a little easier on my back as well.

Tell us about your brake lever.  I’ve seen you spend a good amount of time perfecting the shape and feel of it.  Can we hear some more about it?

Haha!  My mind is in the gutter on this question.  Anyways, I like leverage on the brake lever. And usually the big levers come with this knob on the end, I guess so you won’t puncture your lung.  I hate the feel of the knob, so I hack them off.  Usually use a file and sand paper to make a function able end on the lever.

When was the last time your ran a gyro?  Ever ride brakeless?

Never rode a gyro. I eat gyros though!  I rode brakeless around 2002 .  Had a good friend that I rode with all day everyday.  Noah Lepisto was his name and we both wanted to learn barspins.  Basically, he learned them and I never got comfortable enough.  Kept wacking my knee and eventually was over it.

How are the Springfield Brakes working for you?  Easy to work on?

Yep!  Way too easy honestly.  One spring.  No adjusting the tension. Simplicity.  But the problem I ran into was the lack of spacers they give you for the brake pads. I always need those to make the pads hit at the same time. When adjusting brakes your gonna run into your wheel off dish or warped a bit.  Therefore you can add spacers to adjust the play in your pad clearance to the rim.

You have one of the best pedals in BMX.  Some guys have these large gear ratios that make them look awkward when pedaling.  Do you think that is in part to you running a 25t sprocket?  Maybe your race background?

Haha!  Thanks . Yeah I’ve always liked a neutral gear ratio. Not too hard not too easy.  To each is own.

Metal pedals make an appearance on your bike.  Tell us why you would rather ride metal over plastics?

I ridden a few sets of plastic pedals. They broke in a week and didn’t grip for shit if you get the slightest amount dirt on them.  Again it’s your personal preference.  I ride these parts not to be different and standout.  Just know what I like and I know what’s right.  And not what’s hot in the BMX for the week ex: plastic pegs, plastic pedals, drilled head tubes, scooter geometry, paper then forks.  These thing will never make sense to me and nor will I trust to ride them.  Thanks for hearing me out and checking out my bicycle!


Alex’ Parts List

FRAME: Sunday Forecaster
FORK: Sunday Morning 2.1
BARS: Sunday Tall T
STEM: Sunday Freeze
GRIPS: Duo Martinez grips
BRAKE LEVER: Odyssey mid.
BRAKE CABLE: Tree cable
BRAKE: Odyssey Springfield
FRONT TIRE: Odyssey Aitken
REAR TIRE: Odyssey Path
RIMS: Sun Big Baller in the front and Odyssey hazard lite in the back
FRONT HUB: Tree straight pull
REAR HUB: Tree straight pull casserole  9t
HUB GUARD: Tree hubguard
SPROCKET: 25 t OG Tree sprocket
CHAIN: Odyssey Bluebird
CRANKS: Odyssey Thunderbolt, 175MM
PEDALS: Odyssey Trailmix
SEAT: Tree Ergo seat
SEAT POST: Sunday Toothy post

Private: Alex Magallan

The Soundwave of Chris Childs

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Chris Childs’ Welcome to Sunday video released last Friday with much praise.  His full throttle style mixes big moves with tech to make something very refreshing.  Here’s his new Soundwave build for you to check out.  Some things to notice on his bike are the 30t Sabretooth sprocket for achieving high speeds.  The drop stem with 8.5″ Triumph XL bars for keeping the bike stable at these higher speeds.  This is one very solid bike.  Check out his full parts list after the break.

FRAME: Sunday Soundwave
FORK: Sunday Octave
BARS: Sunday Triumph XL
STEM: Odyssey Tomahawk
GRIPS: Sunday Yell
BAR ENDS: Odyssey Par Ends
BRAKE LEVER: Odyssey Monolever
BRAKE CABLE: Sunday Linear Zipline
FRONT TIRE: Odyssey Aitken, K-LYTE
REAR TIRE: Odyssey Aitken, K-LYTE
RIMS: Odyssey Aerospace, 36H
FRONT HUB: GSport Marmoset
REAR HUB: Odyssey Antigram, 9T
HUB GUARD: Odyssey Antigram Guard
SPROCKET: Sunday Sabretooth
CHAIN: Odyssey Bluebird
CRANKS: Odyssey Thunderbolt, 175MM
PEDALS: Odyssey Trailmix
SEAT: Sunday Pachyderm Cloud
SEAT POST: Sunday Toothy Post
SEAT CLAMP: Sunday Slim


The Storm is here!

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We would like to introduce to you our new Storm series of wheel products.  The Storm balances affordability and quality to keep you riding longer without breaking the bank.  We have the Storm Front and Cassette hubs which are clean, simple, affordable and reliable.  Next are the Thunder and Lighting rims.  The Lightning rims is an affordable single wall rim designed for newer riders.  The Thunder rim is a durable double wall rim for all levels of riding.  To finish off your wheels, we are have Sunday Cornerstone rim strips that come in black, red and white.  The Storm hubs, Lightning rim and Cornerstone rim strips are available now with Thunder rims coming next week.

Vasya Lukyanenko Soundwave

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Our Ukrainian rider, Vasya Lukyanenko, came over to the USA to ride NYC and stay Woodward for 2 weeks.  While he was here, he built up a brand new Soundwave with Octave forks and Tall T bars. You can’t get much more solid than this bike.  Did you see the video where Vasya rides satellite dishes that are over 4 stories high? Watch that right HERE.  Check out his parts list after the break.

Vasya Lukyanenko Soundwave Parts List
Frame: Sunday Soundwave 21″
Fork: Sunday Octave Froks
Headset: Odyssey
Stem: Mental V3
Bars: Sunday Tall T
Grips: ODI Longneck
Cranks: Odyssey Thunderbolts
Sprocket: Mental 28t
Chain: Odyssey
Pedals: Odyssey Twisted
Seat Clamp: Sunday
Seat Post: Sunday Toothy
Seat: Odyssey Eric Lichtenberger
Front Rim: Odyssey 7Ka
Front Hub: Mental
Front Tire: Odyssey P-Lyte 2.20″
Rear Rim: Odyssey 7Ka
Rear Hub: Odyssey Hazard
Rear Tire: Odyssey P-Lyte 1.85″

New Cloud Pivotal Seat now available!

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Our new Cloud Pivotal Seat is super fat, comfy and designed for gripping during barspins. The pivotal design makes it light and simple to install. There’s a custom Sunday logo pivotal patch as well as our Cornerstone logo on the backside.  Available in Spiral Black, Pachyderm Camo and a Black/Banana Tearaway.  Learn more HERE.  Grip it and rip it!

Garrett Reeves Grips now available!

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Super street shredder Garrett Reeves’ new signature grip is a thin, flangeless, rib design made of super soft rubber made exactly to Garrett’s liking.  It measures in at 160mm in length with a thickness of 28mm in the middle and 30mm on the ends.


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Lee Dennis Soundwave

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How do you like Lee Dennis’ brand new Soundwave with rasta wheel kit?  He just built it over the weekend since we have Soundwaves back in stock.  His bike also has an Octave Fork, Tall T bars, Toothy Post and our brand new Knox Guard Sprocket.  This bike couldn’t get much better.  Check out this photo of his wheel spinning.  Looks so crazy! Check after the break for a full parts list from Lee.

Lee Dennis Soundwave Bike Check
Frame: Sunday Soundwave 21″
Fork: Sunday Octave Froks
Headset: Primo
Stem: Primo Neyer topload
Bars: Sunday Tall T
Grips: Primo Logo
Cranks: Primo Hollowbites
Sprocket: Sunday Knox Guard 25t
Chain: KMC 410
Pedals: Primo Team
Seat Clamp: Sunday
Seat Post: Sunday Toothy
Seat: Primo
Front Rim: Primo VS
Front Hub: Primo N4FL
Front Tire: Primo LDT
Rear Rim: Primo VS
Rear Hub: Primo Remix 8t LHD
Rear Tire: Primo LDT
Brakes: Primo
Lever: Primo
Pegs: Primo