Steve Kennedy Bike Check!


Steve Kennedy built up a new Aaron Ross Funday the other day.  He sent me a funny photo that included this banner above along with another photo of him putting it through its paces.  Click below to see the rest of this photo and a little more! View More

Sunday Friends!


Ok, so the Christmas Sunday bike check thing we’ve been doing is now turning into Sunday Friends. Christmas was awhile back, so it really didn’t make much sense to call it that any more.  Here we have 2 Fundays in both Ocean Blue and Black Magic, one Black Magic Ian Schwartz and one Warm Red Second Wave kit!  These all look sweet, in fact I will be riding the Warm Red kit next week! Can’t wait!

Christmas Sunday 4

Christmas Sunday: Part 4

Here we go the last batch of Christmas Sunday bike checks.  On this update, are 3 Second Waves, 1 Pale Yellow Ian Schwartz frame kit and one Ocean Blue Funday!

Christmas Sunday 3


It’s been a bit since I’ve been able to get another Christmas Sunday up, but here it is!  We have 2 Schwartzs, 3 Second Waves and one Funday!  The Funday has been modified by paint and sticker design.  Just don’t show your mom the sticker.