Albe’s BMX:
Chance Garrison

We’ve been flowing some stuff to Albe’s BMX‘s Chance Garrison lately.  Chance just recovered from an ankle injury and judging by this video it looks like he hasn’t lost anything.  The last trick is really rad!  Glad to have you back on your bike Chance.

Flip from Albe’s edit!

Check out Flip from Albe’s latest web video! He’s been riding a Sunday frame for a little while now.  I first met Flip at the Apple Bake Off Jam in Rochester, NY back in 1995 when it seemed like BMX was completely dead. This video is really good for a guy who probably works way too much!  Nice work Flip, I think I’m going to find some front brakes now!

Albe’s contest winner!


Remember the Sunday and Albe’s Tshirt contest back in February?  Well we never really announced the winner so here goes.  The winner is Thomas Szypula who did this awesome dinosaur graphic above.  There were way too many good ones, but Thomas’s took the cake or frame should I say.  Either way he chose to ride a 21″ Black Magic brakeless Second Wave frame.

Sunday Frame giveaway!


That’s right Albe’s is giving a SUNDAY SECOND WAVE frame away FREE! Go over to their site and see what you need to do to win frame! No tailwhips or barspins required!