Alex Magallan

Longtime Sunday Pro Alex Magallan has stepped down from riding BMX professionally so he can focus on the next chapter of his life. This does not mean that Alex is fully done shredding though, which is good because Alex’s style of riding is a great thing to watch. Fast and unique lines are what Alex is all about. Thanks for everything Alex, we wish you and your family all the best.

Above we have Alex’s section from our 2009 Up Up and Away video. Click below to check out a bunch of Alex Magallan ads and other assorted videos he’s been in.

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Sunday Goes to New England

Here’s a re-up of Chris Childs, Mark Burnett, Alex Magallan, Jake Seeley and Lee Dennis on the streets of New England back in mid 2013. Enjoy!

Alex Magallan switches it up!


Alex Magallan goes switch for Wallride Wednesday.  If you’ve paid attention to Alex’s riding over the years, there’s a good chance that you will see him riding a spot that you’ve never seen before. Here’s some random under a bridge spot that Alex probably found while exploring Tennessee.  Photo by Nathan Magallan.

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New Alex Magallan Print Ad!


Alex Magallan rides with the throttle open and he needed it open to do this gap to wallride featured in our latest print ad for his signature 2014 EX Complete Bike.  The ad is featured in the newest Ride UK Magazine. Want to see the video this wallride was featured in?  Check the 2:30 mark of the video below. Find his bike at this LINK.

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Idaho and Montana Trip

Everyone knows the wildest concrete skateparks are located in the Northwest. Gary Young, Alex Magallan and Chris Childs traveled to Idaho and Montana in search of these amazing gems.  Judging by the video, it looks like they’ve found some.  They even found some amazing street spots as well. How bizarre is the last thing Gary rides?

Filmed and edited by Walter Pieringer

New Video from Alex Magallan

What more can you say about Alex Magallan?  Each of his video part is a work of art.  Each clip seems to be handpicked and chosen perfectly for a video.  Always fast, clean, smooth and always wanting more.  This Operativ Brand part is so good.  From the lookback in the beginning all the way to the fence roof ride thing.  100% pure Alex!

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Alex Magallan Throwback Thursday

There’s not many riders out there like Alex Magallan.  He’s fast, stylish, but is still tech as well. Five years ago, he was on the icepick 180 game which is where most people are these days.  If this pattern continues, in 5 years everyone will be looking super stylish while going super fast?  I hope so.  Alex’s part from our video Up, Up & Away is a stylish blend of high speed and tech. Perfect for a Thowback Thursday.

Alex Magallan Print Ad


Alex Magallan is featured in our latest Ride UK print ad doing a high speed gap to wallride that was featured in the Sunday Goes to New England video which you can watch below.  The ad features his 2014 signature complete bike which you can check out right HERE.

Dan’s Comp ‘Roll Call’ Premiere Date!


Alex Magallan has a big part in the upcoming ‘Roll Call’ video from Dan’s Comp which premieres Saturday November 23rd at The Bakery in Chicago! Get ready because this is going to be awesome.  So, if you’re in Chicago then be sure to check it out.  You’ll get to meet the whole Dan’s team as well.
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On the Cover:
Alex Magallan

Alex Magallan - Dan's Comp Cover

Alex Magallan has been killing it lately.  Besides having the ender move in the Sunday Goes to New England video, he just scored the Dan’s Comp catalog cover and Ride BMX ad.  Check out the Ride ad and Alex’s Welcome to Dan’s Pro Team video after the break.

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